Cheesy Egg Toasty
38 MILLION views & over 600,000 shares! One of the most shared videos ever on the social web
Company Pioneer Foods
Video Title Cheesy Egg Toasty
SASKO challenged us to create content to make one of their commodity categories, bread, relevant, engaging and exciting.
We took on the challenge and brought re-imagined possibilities for the brand to deliver true meaning and engagement amongst their consumers as well as tap in to a host of new consumers off the back of the huge success of the Cheesy Egg Toasty video!


The SASKO Cheesy Egg Toasty video received over 38 MILLION views and over 600 000 shares making it one of the most viewed and shared videos on the social web.
38 671 054
688 534
Facebook Shares
1 in 56
Share Rate
1 in 35
FB Engagement Rate
2:45 min
YouTube View Duration

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